We didn’t have a solid plan for every lecturer’s prank. Either the plan backfired due to their schedules or… it just wasn’t right. So we decided to wing it.


This week, our prime victims are Mr Charles and Ms Mary. You see, I don’t think Mr Charles suspected anything because he was the one who gave us tremendous prank ideas for other lecturers. Well, I hope he didn’t.

Anyway, I loved every bit of his reaction because it was what my group and I were hoping to see. As for Ms Mary, she didn’t react the way we expected to but she thought we were cute.


That’s all for now.



We were walking around Sunway Pyramid when Jennifer saw mannequins wearing the most ghastly flower masks known to mankind and suggested that we prank our lecturers with that idea. Without any hesitation, we agreed to it.






Here’s a little sneak peek.


That’s all for now.


TITLE: Designing Moments

SYNOPSIS: A group of art students create unexpected moments in an attempt to illicit responses from their design lecturers.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Over the years, lecturers are always encouraging design students to do something out of the ordinary but how good are they at expecting the unexpected? Can they expect students to achieve beyond the learning objectives & outcomes? How often does that occur?

OBJECTIVE: To design moments and engage people in unexpected ways. We are the medium and the representation of what can be unexpected.




It took us quite a while to write a proposal for this final project. Maybe this prank video is a bad idea, man… Will we succeed?


That’s all for now.


We met up with Mr Charles to discuss our final project and I must admit, I felt really excited to do a prank video in a documentary form. The intention of this is to “design moments” without the use of conventional mediums like paper, paint and a paintbrush. Rather, we are the medium. 

Now, now. I will not give much away. The ideas Sir has shared with us are exceedingly genius and hopefully, all goes well. If it doesn’t, at least we’re still designing moments. Right?






Today marks the end of Assignment 2. We have submitted our finalised design to the production team and… that was all we did for today, really. Honestly, I feel bad for not doing much because the design of the execution stand (set in the 40s) was relatively easy and simple; dirt, dirt and MORE DIRT. It’s just that the momentum was not there. However, I am also grateful that the workload was not energy-consuming because it has been a hectic month. The challenging part of this assignment was not knowing the plan behind the theatrical play because we could have done much more and also, we could have the opportunity to test our creative thinking skills. Furthermore, it was slightly frustrating to meet the expectations of the client because the ideas were ambitious and the mechanisms of the set would be difficult for them to deal with. It was fun to design for someone and I’m glad that they liked our design.



That’s all for now.




The set designers and the production team needed to consider the mechanism of the stage along with the backdrop because they wanted to utilise very little space. Thus, it wouldn’t take them too much time to set up between each scene.



Moving on to the scaled models, before bringing them to life (actual size, I mean). I don’t remember the exact measurements so I’ll just say that it’s “very small“.



That’s all for now.


It’s getting a little boring, having to explain without showing what we had done throughout the past few weeks so here’s a little sneak peek on our progress.



There isn’t anything much to say for our group, really. Our set design was pretty much confirmed on the spot and it took them barely a minute to decide. A group of set designers visited to figure out the measurements and all we need to do is create scaled models of our sets.

That’s all for now.