Wow, writing that hurt the heart.


Boy, do I have to say a lot about this one…


A little bit about me. Before enrolling myself into Foundation in Design last year, I completed 2 years worth of A-Levels as a Science student. Back in secondary school, I couldn’t make up my mind so I ended up at different streams every year (both Art and Science). Although I was in the Art stream, I did not have much insight on the subject itself so an art background was absent.

I did not know what I was getting myself into because I was overly ambitious to protect the Earth and I swore to myself that I would get well-known for my notable work. That I would make a difference. Unfortunately, I lost my sense of direction in the world of science and most importantly, myself.

Of course, I needed to re-evaluate my life choices and mind you, it took me ages to spark a progression. It finally hit me that art is my utmost passion, whether it is in the form of painting or composing. A lot of thinking and staring into space brought me to where I am today.

During the course of FID, I exposed myself to the many different forms of art expression through 2D and 3D-Design, Spatial Design, Printmaking, Fundamental Drawing, Creative Thinking Skills and Contextual Studies. However, I didn’t think that that was enough because it was all in the books. I was extremely lucky to meet incredible artists as they are more experienced with life and I was able to learn how to express after encountering a series of life events. I still have a long way to go, by the way.

What did I learn? I learned to let go of my ego and listen to my heart. I learned that life should not be filled with regrets because there’s no way of turning them around. I learned that you need to live through shit to get to your rightful place.


What did I find?

Serenity. And I certainly do not regret anything.




Hi, Mr Charles. Since this is my last post, I just want to give a massive, massive, massive thanks for everything. After writing this post, my head’s so blank from being too overwhelmed so I can’t process much. It has only made me reminisce the good and bad times throughout FID, from Orientation Day. Amazing how time flies so quickly without us noticing it. As if it was only yesterday when you introduced us to Mr Black and honestly, I was scared of him for a while. Turns out that he’s a pretty chill dude. Sir, I don’t think I can shut down my CTX brain because everywhere I go and everything I look at, I seek for a deeper meaning. Jeez. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, really, thank you so much. All the best for your phD (that’s what you’re doing, right?) and God bless.


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I don’t know whether it’s often that students would consider a prank video on lecturers as their final assignment but if it isn’t, I’m glad we took it to a different approach because everyone obviously does not want to do things similarly as well as lecturers watching the same thing all over and over and over (yeah, you get it) again.

Designing Moments was totally a risky stepping stone to getting out of our comfort zones because we do not publicly prank (and embarrass ourselves) on a daily basis. I guess you can say that our creative thinking skills drove itself to a whole new level. Other than that, we start to see things in a contextual way. As in we have the tendency to seek deeper meanings behind a situation or even the little things we do.

Anyway, the purpose of the video is to see how design lecturers are able to deal with unexpected situations and we tested them by observing their reactions. A majority of them manifested different responses; more of what the bleep reactions. However, Miss Mary, who is an English lecturer, did not show a reaction that we hoped for. She did find us cute though and that’s enough for me.

Before this whole thing, it made me wonder what runs through their minds and after interviewing them with a series of questions, they have opened a new door for me. I started to view things from a different perspective and it allowed me to react in an unusual manner, contrasting from the norms.

In the end, we asked if they would wear the flower mask to close off the interview and all of our design lecturers agreed to their part. Someone mentioned that “all artists/designers are crazy” and I must admit, they are. But in a cool way.

Now, this video enabled us to design moments without conventional mediums. Instead, we are the medium.

To close this off, it is encouraged for artists to find other ways to create art. Isn’t it time for us to design a new art movement?




Preparing the props in the drawing studio was crucial because Mr Ernesto would randomly appear at any ungodly minute. So we had Felicia and Wenny to spy on him in his office while we hang our flower masks everywhere, and I mean everywhere. We also set our cameras at blind spots.

Dude, Chloe. Don’t. Guys, just wait for the video.

Okay, sorry. I am not supposed to tell you even 20% of it but I can tell you that his reaction was priceless. However, I have to give it to Felicia and Wenny for stalling him outside the studio.

“Sir, sir, sir. Are you hungry?”

“Sir, sir,sir. Stomach pain.”

Goodness, Wenny. As if it’s not obvious. Also, big thanks to the juniors’ endless tolerance of us barging into their class everyday.


These are questions for our lecturers regarding our final project:

  1. What do you understand by the term “unexpected”?
  2. Why is being unexpected so important (artistically/generally)?
  3. Have you ever experienced a student actually doing something unexpected?
  4. Would you be willing to do the unexpected?


We didn’t have a solid plan for every lecturer’s prank. Either the plan backfired due to their schedules or… it just wasn’t right. So we decided to wing it.


This week, our prime victims are Mr Charles and Ms Mary. You see, I don’t think Mr Charles suspected anything because he was the one who gave us tremendous prank ideas for other lecturers. Well, I hope he didn’t.

Anyway, I loved every bit of his reaction because it was what my group and I were hoping to see. As for Ms Mary, she didn’t react the way we expected to but she thought we were cute.


That’s all for now.


We were walking around Sunway Pyramid when Jennifer saw mannequins wearing the most ghastly flower masks known to mankind and suggested that we prank our lecturers with that idea. Without any hesitation, we agreed to it.






Here’s a little sneak peek.


That’s all for now.


TITLE: Designing Moments

SYNOPSIS: A group of art students create unexpected moments in an attempt to illicit responses from their design lecturers.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Over the years, lecturers are always encouraging design students to do something out of the ordinary but how good are they at expecting the unexpected? Can they expect students to achieve beyond the learning objectives & outcomes? How often does that occur?

OBJECTIVE: To design moments and engage people in unexpected ways. We are the medium and the representation of what can be unexpected.




It took us quite a while to write a proposal for this final project. Maybe this prank video is a bad idea, man… Will we succeed?


That’s all for now.


We met up with Mr Charles to discuss our final project and I must admit, I felt really excited to do a prank video in a documentary form. The intention of this is to “design moments” without the use of conventional mediums like paper, paint and a paintbrush. Rather, we are the medium. 

Now, now. I will not give much away. The ideas Sir has shared with us are exceedingly genius and hopefully, all goes well. If it doesn’t, at least we’re still designing moments. Right?