The chosen song: Weezer’s Island In The Sun.



The song’s about self-discovery and living the moment. In this picture, the scenery outside exhibits a representation of her happiness whereas the emptiness she feels inside is represented by the dark and empty room. Seeing the ethereal view, she has the desire to seek an escape from her demons. However, as she floats into the air nearing the window, she grasps the curtain as her demons forcefully pull her back into a vortex of misery. In addition, the sun replaced by a slice of orange is a figment of her imagination to contentment.


PROPS: Slice of orange, curtains and the fluffy dress.



I started with capturing jump shots of Melissa (my model) to replicate the action of a person levitating in the air. It was seemingly difficult to capture shots because the little things did not make it work like “the hair is not floating enough,” “your legs aren’t high enough”, and I can go on and on. Here, the studio lighting was off. My camera settings weren’t right. So I decided to try again the following week.



This time, it was a whole lot better. Instead of a soft light, I used a spot light, shining through the curtains. A ladder and a PVC pipe were used to hold the curtain up high.


PHOTOSHOP: It was my first attempt at this software and it took me approximately 12 hours of getting accustomed to. The hardest part of using it is getting frustrated with the tools because some didn’t work for the weirdest reasons like “A layer is absent” but everything was there, yaddi yadda. However, I had fun as I was able to learn about the technicalities of Photoshop; manipulating the perspectives, adding shadows to make it more realistic, erasing the background and such. Still need time to get used to it.


“This is my last post for photography and it’s been quite a ride. I had the chance to learn a lot about the camera’s setting and I didn’t realise how easy it was as time progressed. Also, it boosted my confidence to take pictures in public and I managed to see things from a different perspective. My interest does not stop here so I’ll be taking more photos. Hopefully, better than I am right now.”


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