Before you read any further, I apologise that there aren’t any pictures because we used to school camera.



The class and I experimented on studio lighting, using examples of Jennifer’s and mine. We have two different lightings; Jennifer’s requires an equal distribution of lighting so she had to use the flash whereas for myself, I needed to create a sunset vibe through a window so we utilised the spot light and the soft light.

We started off with mine but without any lighting. We can conclude that the ceiling lights did not do us any justice and it was horrendous. We also tempered with the white balance to meet with the lighting in the room.

  • Increase the WB if the light is too cold.
  • Decrease the WB if the light is too warm.

(or is it the other way round? Hmm…)

We moved on to the soft light which was placed at an angle of 45 degrees from Melissa’s (our model of the day) standing point. The lighting on her face was subtle and the shadows did not appear harsh. However, it was not powerful enough to give a sunset effect. So we moved on to the spot light and goodness, it was hot. The light and shadows were evidently harsh and it was perfect for my final outcome.

I was curious about how the turnout would be if we used both spot and soft lights at once. Initially, you’ll need to ensure which light is to be made dominant. It also depends on the direction of the light source so the result is slightly vague. I wish I can show you the photos we took so you can clearly see the difference.



Didn’t have class but I needed to do some brainstorming on props and proper planning. My idea was also approved so it was good to go.


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