I don’t know whether it’s often that students would consider a prank video on lecturers as their final assignment but if it isn’t, I’m glad we took it to a different approach because everyone obviously does not want to do things similarly as well as lecturers watching the same thing all over and over and over (yeah, you get it) again.

Designing Moments was totally a risky stepping stone to getting out of our comfort zones because we do not publicly prank (and embarrass ourselves) on a daily basis. I guess you can say that our creative thinking skills drove itself to a whole new level. Other than that, we start to see things in a contextual way. As in we have the tendency to seek deeper meanings behind a situation or even the little things we do.

Anyway, the purpose of the video is to see how design lecturers are able to deal with unexpected situations and we tested them by observing their reactions. A majority of them manifested different responses; more of what the bleep reactions. However, Miss Mary, who is an English lecturer, did not show a reaction that we hoped for. She did find us cute though and that’s enough for me.

Before this whole thing, it made me wonder what runs through their minds and after interviewing them with a series of questions, they have opened a new door for me. I started to view things from a different perspective and it allowed me to react in an unusual manner, contrasting from the norms.

In the end, we asked if they would wear the flower mask to close off the interview and all of our design lecturers agreed to their part. Someone mentioned that “all artists/designers are crazy” and I must admit, they are. But in a cool way.

Now, this video enabled us to design moments without conventional mediums. Instead, we are the medium.

To close this off, it is encouraged for artists to find other ways to create art. Isn’t it time for us to design a new art movement?



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