Wow, writing that hurt the heart.


Boy, do I have to say a lot about this one…


A little bit about me. Before enrolling myself into Foundation in Design last year, I completed 2 years worth of A-Levels as a Science student. Back in secondary school, I couldn’t make up my mind so I ended up at different streams every year (both Art and Science). Although I was in the Art stream, I did not have much insight on the subject itself so an art background was absent.

I did not know what I was getting myself into because I was overly ambitious to protect the Earth and I swore to myself that I would get well-known for my notable work. That I would make a difference. Unfortunately, I lost my sense of direction in the world of science and most importantly, myself.

Of course, I needed to re-evaluate my life choices and mind you, it took me ages to spark a progression. It finally hit me that art is my utmost passion, whether it is in the form of painting or composing. A lot of thinking and staring into space brought me to where I am today.

During the course of FID, I exposed myself to the many different forms of art expression through 2D and 3D-Design, Spatial Design, Printmaking, Fundamental Drawing, Creative Thinking Skills and Contextual Studies. However, I didn’t think that that was enough because it was all in the books. I was extremely lucky to meet incredible artists as they are more experienced with life and I was able to learn how to express after encountering a series of life events. I still have a long way to go, by the way.

What did I learn? I learned to let go of my ego and listen to my heart. I learned that life should not be filled with regrets because there’s no way of turning them around. I learned that you need to live through shit to get to your rightful place.


What did I find?

Serenity. And I certainly do not regret anything.




Hi, Mr Charles. Since this is my last post, I just want to give a massive, massive, massive thanks for everything. After writing this post, my head’s so blank from being too overwhelmed so I can’t process much. It has only made me reminisce the good and bad times throughout FID, from Orientation Day. Amazing how time flies so quickly without us noticing it. As if it was only yesterday when you introduced us to Mr Black and honestly, I was scared of him for a while. Turns out that he’s a pretty chill dude. Sir, I don’t think I can shut down my CTX brain because everywhere I go and everything I look at, I seek for a deeper meaning. Jeez. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, really, thank you so much. All the best for your phD (that’s what you’re doing, right?) and God bless.


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