Today marks the end of Assignment 2. We have submitted our finalised design to the production team and… that was all we did for today, really. Honestly, I feel bad for not doing much because the design of the execution stand (set in the 40s) was relatively easy and simple; dirt, dirt and MORE DIRT. It’s just that the momentum was not there. However, I am also grateful that the workload was not energy-consuming because it has been a hectic month. The challenging part of this assignment was not knowing the plan behind the theatrical play because we could have done much more and also, we could have the opportunity to test our creative thinking skills. Furthermore, it was slightly frustrating to meet the expectations of the client because the ideas were ambitious and the mechanisms of the set would be difficult for them to deal with. It was fun to design for someone and I’m glad that they liked our design.



That’s all for now.



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