Week 7, no idea.


Nothing much happened this week, really. Sir Martin just reviewed our street photography back in Week 6 which was taken in the city. Other than that, he gave us a brief on photojournalism.

pho·to·jour·nal·ism (/ˌfōdōˈjərnəˌlizəm/): the art or practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines.

Here are some of W. Eugene Smith’s photos. His work is scarily complex and honest, resulting in great outcomes.


“An artist must be ruthlessly selfish.” – W. Eugene Smith




Week 8, 14.03.2017


My class had a trip to Manu Mart’s exhibition and I did not attend due to health reasons. It was unfortunate of me to miss this one out because it looked genuinely riveting.

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