Week 3, 09.02.2017




Time: 6:06PM

Mood: Why am I here?


Slight alterations to my research paper. I had decided to pick 2001’s French romantic-comedy film “Amélie”, directed by the brilliant Jean-Pierre Jeunet, for this assignment. Honestly, I was stuck on the previous film (Secret Life of Walter Mitty) for a few days and I couldn’t write a single word.

I don’t know how Amélie came about but I’m glad that it did. For a girl with very little words, I had a lot to say about this one. To be quite frank, it took me a really long time to write this essay as well. I guess I’m overly rusty after not picking up the pen for approximately 2 years (my A-Level years).

Anyway, this is my first research paper and this whole citation thing is extremely new to me. OH, and this essay is the longest I have ever written in my life. 1205 words! My cerebrum’s ready to get untangled, Sir Charles.


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