Week 2, 25.01.2017




This week, Sir Martin introduced us to the basic components in photography and we started with composition. Generally, it consists of points and lines in which they are supposedly the key elements to what makes a photo aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We were also assigned to take pictures featuring the minimal theme with our smartphones at our campus.


Processed with VSCO

Following the rule of thirds, approximately one-third of the photograph has a bunch of leaves covering the concrete structure. I have also increased both the exposure and the contrast to give an emphasis on the leaves to show dominance.


Processed with VSCO

This photo was cropped to this extent to arrange both of my feet at the bottom right corner to give an interesting composition.


2017-01-24 05.36.26 1-1

I have taken this from an elevated angle, showing the flag pole in a vertical manner.


2017-01-24 05.47.49 2-1

This photo was taken at a location where I could exhibit the diagonal lines portrayed by the pillars, the railing and the roof.


Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

This is a photo of the surface of the tree trunk. The bark of the tree is oriented vertically and the chipped parts seem to be going in a diagonal direction. The contrast was increased to stress on the intricate details.


“Honestly, I am not satisfied with my pictures and this assignment on minimalism was challenging to deal with because we had to apply the important elements learned into our shots. It was also frustrating because I could not find subjects to meet the requirements on minimal photography. However, I got accustomed after careful observation of the location (places where I took images) and the way I composed my photos.”

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