Final assignment: Kinetic Mural

We have reached the end of our semester and to be frank with you, I’m feeling sad at an equal measure; I’m pleased about the fact that I can finally have a break and I’m unhappy that everything we did was just part of a memory now.

Let’s move on anyway.

We were instructed to fabricate a kinetic mural along with students from other schools within our university. Before we could do so, we needed to collect a heap load of aluminium cans, come up with our own ideas and choose one from our class. Fortunately, Melissa’s got picked and this is how it was built.

1. Cut the top and the bottom of the can, and then cut it across to “stretch” it.
2. Cut them into rectangles.
3. Fold the edges inward.
4. Spray paint the cans with yellow paint and paint stick men with violet acrylic paint (complementary colour was used)
5. Connect three of the rectangles with hot glue gun.
6. Attach each chopsticks by the ends with hot glue gun.
7. By the ends, put a lot of hot glue to secure so that the 3-rectangles would stay in place.
8. Attach each end into the horizontal PVC pipe.
9. And voilà.



The overall experience was rather satisfying because our kinetic mural worked. Each 3-rectangles spinned when the fan blew at its’ direction. And the action of the stick men were ridiculously adorable.

By the end of the day, Jennifer left with a massive laceration in her finger. She bled all the way to the loo. Mr Charles, MORE XPS FOR EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EFFORT.






It genuinely looks like a crime scene.

Here’s the video of our kinetic mural: http://

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