-30°C was an exhibition organised by Dr. Alex Wong, which was held at the CoDA Gallery in Taylor’s University.

 I have to admit… I was exceedingly ecstatic about Dr. Alex’s exhibition because photography is one of my utmost fascinations. Having a professional to share his methods and inspiration behind his work, I thought I could learn a thing or two from him before I take this photography thing seriously.

 Before we get started, I would like to apologise for the lack of pictures taken during the event as I was engaged in admiring his creation.


Dr. Alex Wong (the man standing near to the speaker) revealed that there was a purpose behind those 3 photos. He wanted to stress on the environmental impacts experienced today and how he wanted to capture the right moment to send a message to his audience.

 However, my favoured photo is the one in the center, where two men were guiding a walking wild bird using sticks. Considering it to be a wild animal, I find it rather odd and depressing as it has the ability to fly away but instead, it chose to be controlled by the two human beings. It really does leave me wondering on what went through the bird’s mind or how it became this way to begin with.


I really wish that I took proper pictures of other photos because they were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s amazing how he was able to capture different forms of nature in different climatic conditions. Especially, during the winter.


Although the event was sadly short, I have learned a ton from Dr. Alex during that period of time. Until this very moment, I’m still awe-struck on how he was able to keep a mindset on sticking to the basics, no matter how much credibility he has as a professional photographer.

Check out his other series “In And Out Of The Mist”: http://www.ph21gallery.com/#!alex-wong/cre

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